December 19, 2005

Golfing with a PGA pro

Humbling - that is the best way to describe it.

Had the priviledge to play a few holes with Jonathon Kaye this afternoon at Silverleaf (north Scottsdale, Arizona). What a golf course (thanks Brad).

Jonathon was nice enough to join us at 9 for 2 quick holes. Said he needed to work on his game at the range and that's all he could squeeze in.

On 9 - he went 2 iron (off the ground), sand wedge to 10 feet - DRANO! I went Driver (pure), yet 10 yards back of his 2-iron, sand wedge - three putt.

He could have gone 3 wood but brought the wrong club to the tee. Lazy !!!

On 10, to makes things fair he played from his knees. He drove the ball past me, hit 7 iron just short and got up and down with a sweet flop. I gagged a 5 wood into the desert and made a 7.

I was glad to see him go run some family errands. Man those guys are good. You really have to stand next to them to appreciate it.

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