December 11, 2005

Why Putz?

Since I was a kid, I have loved that word. It means so many things. According to the Urban Dictionary, the top 10 definitions include:

thesaurus: schmuck

1. putz
Literally, vulgar slang for penis, not to be used lightly. More offensive than the schmuck, which can be used affectionately or teasingly. Rarely used to describe the member, schmuck does that. Def. from the "Joys of Yiddish" by Leo Rosten
What a putz! Used the same as What an asshole!

2. putz
(n) a stupid, ignorant person; someone who doesn't pay attention to anything going on; one who makes stupid remarks
**bumps into a pole on the sidewalk, then a person, keeps going** J: what a putz! didn't he see me here??"

3. putz
Used also to describe someone who is taking their time in a lazy manner. This is akin to saying that someone was lazy for an undefined period of time (see putzing, putzes, or putzed).
Joe was a putz with his computer.
Chuck putzes in his office.
Matt putzed on the golf course all day.

4. putz
A small town in southern Taiwan, known as Putzu in Mandarin but written as Putz in English on several highway road signs.
Putz General Hospital is how the English language sign on a website spells it.

5. putz
Term Jews use to explain ignorant ass holes or penises.
Rabbi Greenberg: That dude over there is a putz.

6. Putz
Putz technically means fool or jerk. Vulgarly it means penis. In german it is Aufputz which means 'to clean'
He's a putz... ie... He's a jerk
He has/is a putz... ie... He has/is a penis

7. Putz
A "putz" is yiddish (derogatory) for prick.
Oh, don't be such a putz!

8. putz
Radio host Rush Limbaugh.
Why do you listen to that old putz?

9. putz
Tami, she just can't help herself.
Tami the putz is such a putz.

10. putz l
In Jewish golf, when you get on the greens you putz! If you miss, you are putzing around.
I'll putz for an eagle, but I wouldn't walk a mile for a camel.

I am hoping to bring this word back in a big way. I have spent my whole life trying to avoid being called a putz - to little success; yet, use the word frequently as a term of endearment with my best friends (Starkman - you are such a putz!)

Getting closer to my mission in less than the three years expected. Maybe I am just a yutz?

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