January 06, 2006

1. Ebay 2. Apple 3. Yahoo 4. Google 5. Fedex - My Best of the Best

Apple, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Time Warner, Verizon, Sprint, Ebay, Vonage......

I can't keep track anymore. Old media versus new media, content vs. distribution...yada yada

I am so buried in their announcements that it gets downright confusing.

It is CES and with Apple not present, maybe a decision on who will lead in 2006, will have to wait until Mr. Job's keynote address.

My vote is in. You can't pick just one, but you don't need to own them all. Gun to my head for my fave three - Ebay Apple, Yahoo. Yes, they are expensive, but everything is expensive in 2006 so who's to really say.

Ebay wins. Ebay wins. Ebay wins. I like Apple and Yahoo based on today's stock prices and recent announcements. To throw in a third media and internet stock I have to add Ebay. I don't use Ebay but my wife just sold a purse and made $100. Her twin sister is addicted. Bazaar's have been around since the beginning of time. No contest. Hope for weakness. It is almost impossible to screw this one up. That has to be the deciding factor.

Some good comments from Forrester research on Yahoo versus Google made me pick Yahoo over Google. I am not an expert here so this was the toughest choice. If I were to add a must add fourth technology stock, it would be Google.

"Google has a strong brand and has built a great deal of trust and goodwill thanks to its great search experience. But I don’t have my have my life on Google – it’s actually on Yahoo!. (Disclosure: My photos are on Yahoo! and Flickr, tags are on del.icio.us, personal email (and domain) are on Yahoo!, and I use Yahoo! Local and Maps regularly.) This could change as Google and Microsoft increase and improve their services, but it will take a lot to tear me away from my established habits. Having Yahoo! now also available on my devices potentially increases that stickiness.
My colleague Josh Bernoff, who is here at CES with me, used a car analogy to illustrate this. Yahoo! is like a tricked out Lincoln Navigator – it has everything you could ever want, from the DVD player and is comfortable to boot. You practically live in that car. Google’s car representation would be the Prius, which is environmental – its users have an emotional attachment to it for a completely different reason."

For the physical world meeting the technology world there is no competition - Fedex.

Hope this helps. It is sure to change - probably in the morning!

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