January 21, 2006

America West - SUCKS

Here is a great idea. Let's take our shitty airline (America Worst) that has been saved way too many times, with a bankrupt airline. Genius. Nobody loses, just the old shareholders, the new shareholders (eventually) and a miserable, underqualified underpaid (?) workforce.

Shazam - America West/US Air. Shit Squared. Maybe they will partner with Delta and call themselves ShitCubed.

Now - to be fair. They are wonderful typists. It seems like they are always typing. What the fuc&^&*%%^&*&* that is, I do not know. I imagine, the same stuff a catcher and pitcher talk about on the mound. type - I am talking to Mr. Lindzon - he is yelling at me. I hate my job. I hate my job and he is not getting on this flight. I hope he is not looking over my shoulder. he is kinda cute. - "yes Mr. Lindzon just checking"

I don't care if anyone nice works there. They just suck. They should not be allowed to compete. I would pay more every time, double even, to avoid them going forward. They have seen my last mile. EVER!

In my opinions, policies are a guideline, not a steadfast rule. The 2 hour rule is a joke. I have travelled for 20 years on a heavy basis and never had the rule enforced. Ever. I honor a one hour rule as it would be stupid to show up later than that. I agree. Especially with customs.

Today, America West lost a customer forever. i will now take every opportunity to disparage them.

Snowing in Toronto and over one hour early to my flight from Toronto to Phoenix. Two people working the counter. Twenty minute wait. No Mr. Lindzon, you needed to be here 2 hours before.

Me - "Let's say the whole flight showed up at 2 hours before - exactly - and it just took until now to get to me. Let's please assume that happened - as a favor to me and my wife and my children that have not seen their parents in five days. Please. The airport nor customs is busy this morning and the flight is delayed due to weather.

America Worst - Let me call my supervisor

Downhill from there. Sorry Rachel and Max.

By the way. The point of this story - America West SUCKS.

Oil prices will finish them off. Oil is going a higher and they will not survive unless they partner with God. Problem is - they have probably bumped him and fuc^&*%% up his miles program.

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