January 18, 2006

Apple, Ebay, Yahoo, Google- fasten your seat belt

All the numbers now in - all the stocks are down big.

The writing was on the wall as I wrote in this blog the last few weeks.

Cramer - just way to popular for there to be any real long-term rally in stocks.

CNBC - continued criminal operation

Nasdaq - too big a rally into earnings. This is always the easiest tell. I mean, what a gift when the stocks all hit all-time highs going into a big earning of a great fourth quarter. Small investors get stuck with the hype.

I would love to see more carnage but bought Yahoo today, love to buy back some Apple in the 60's, better yet the 50's, Google - no opinion and Ebay is likely a gift. i like selling puts here on Yahoo and Google into the weakness.

Ebay's Paypal numbers are enormous and the Skype numbers are good and just will get so much better. Ebay still my favorite.

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