January 06, 2006

CES (Computer Electronics Show)

Crazy crowded and lot's of rappers. Supposedly I saw Ludacrous. Looked like just a bad hair do to me.

Major focus on GPS. Getting cheaper and will force it's way into your life this year.

Also, a little talked about investment theme is the flash memory and camera industry. In the old days - 15 years ago for me, we would be weighed down with bags full of cards, sell sheets, brochures etc.. Not anymore. It was amazing to see the use of cameras popping at the cool products.

A Chinese knockoff dream. It seems to me that it is more dangerous now than ever to show, new, unique products for small companies as someone will walk by, flash a detailed picture, send the specs home to Asia and have product shipping from China before the show is over.

Of course, this is an exageration, but definately something I would be concerned about in the hardware industry.

Winners from the show from a Trend perspective:

GPS - Garmin, chipset companies like SIRF. Need to do more gdigging here.

Asset protection - lot's of new cheap ways coming to protect assets so I am sticking with Lojack. Lot's of pimped out cars with flat panels and speakers to protect!!!!

Sony (e book) ready for prime time by next year - price needs to come down

Satellite radio - Once XMSR and or Sirius get a well designed handheld portable unit, I would be a user and buyer. These stocks, although overvalued, may be misunderstood and undervalued in hindsight. Time will tell. If anyone could upset Apple, it would come from this industry. Maybe Apple will buy XMSR or Sirius if the price is right.

Tablet PC's. I saw so many guys carrying them around with Verizon cards. Gotta have one.

Better digital camera - need it! SNDK is the buzz winner. Cool marketing and distribution. Wish I still owned it.

Porn - I have talked about it before in the blog. Major uptrend coming again for the industry. There is less shame than ever out there in the world.

Pimped out cars. I saw my Honda El.ement all pimped out and I have to admit, I would do it.

Voice recognition. It needs to happen in computing. I own IBM and NUAN.

More thoughts at a later time.

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