January 31, 2006

Choices, Choices!

State of the Union or Real Sports

Democratic response or Dennis Miller

You guessed it both times! I don't even like Real Sports (spend an hour with has been freaky looking reporters), and Dennis Miller seems rather angry after about 10 minutes. Tonight, I don't know if it was faced with the alternative, but they both were fine given the choices.

Couple of things. What the hell is Bryant Gumbel writing while he talks to the interviewer at the end of a segment. Bryant - the segment is over! Maybe the notes would have helped - during the interview? He looks like an America West check-in person typing away, but really doing nothing. I can't even get close to imagining what a pompous yutz he must be like in person. He reminds me of Michael Jackson as a reporter. Frank Deford - is there a person more in need of a complete makeover? One interview - 11 clothing changes (all worse than the last). It was like Michael Irvin threw up.

Dennis Miller, though I am not a huge fan, had a pretty damn good HBO special from Vegas. You need to listen a few times, but the writing and delivery are awesome. He thinks, therefore, it is bearable to listen and watch. A worthy watch if you are flipping channels.

By the way, who was that guy talking for the Democratic party? Man I need to start watching CSPAN.

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