January 09, 2006

Creative PR

Great advice for any start-up business or any business looking for creative PR channels. From www.techcrunch.com:

Bloggers and Blogging

Most early adopters read blogs. A lot of them write blogs, too. Engage with bloggers.

They are a powerful way to spread your vision, and they are generally much more technically adept than the average big publication journalist. They don’t have to deal with editors and fact checkers (for better or worse), and so it is often easier to get your pure vision out there for the world to read.

You should also publish a blog. Not only is it the best way to tell the world about what you are doing, it also gives you the opportunity to repay bloggers who write about you with a link back to them. Don’t underestimate the importance to a blogger of being linked to on your blog. Just like you, bloggers want mind share.

Never, never, never attack your critics on your blog or in comments on other blogs. Engage with them and be constructive even if they are not. Even if they are dead wrong, thousands of other people probably have had the same thought and haven’t bothered to write about it. Don’t assume they are a jerk; rather, assume that your communications are flawed and need to be re-thought. You are going to have to develop a very thick skin.

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