January 17, 2006

Earnings, Earnings - "Let's get it started in here"

Earnings alert - Intel misses - duh

Yahoo - huge numbers - ignore the noise, this company just gets it. Weakness is a gift if you have kids you want to give a real gift.

Google - upping the stake and putting some of their cash hoard to work in a big way. Lot's more to come from them.

Google Radio

Google's just-announced decision to buy dMarc Broadcasting for as much as $1.2-billion is the largest acquisition in the company's history. It is particularly interesting that the acquisition is happening in advertising, not search:
The company, dMarc Broadcasting Inc. of Newport Beach, Calif., creates an automated platform that lets advertisers more easily schedule and deliver ads over radio and keep track of when they air. On the broadcaster side, the dMarc technology automatically schedules and places such advertising, helping stations minimize costs.
Under the deal, announced Tuesday, Google would pay dMarc at least $102 million in cash. If performance targets are met, Google would make additional payments of up to $1.14 billion over three years.

Google said it plans to integrate the dMarc technology with its highly successful Google AdWords platform, in which third-party Web sites share revenues with Google for carrying the Mountain View., Calif., company's highly profitable search ads.

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