January 11, 2006

Google Video


Endless fun on that new site. Letterman stuff, Brady Buch, The Beaver....

This is just released but I have to say - another reason to hang in front of my computer.

All the more reason for someone from the rest of the CLAN (Yahoo, Aol, Microsoft) to make a quick bid for TouTube.com

Google Video is another reason I think that video search and download becomes much bigger than music ever will be.

Staggering opportunities and possibilities. Put on your thinking caps because there is a lot of money to be made here.

Content, Search, Delivery, Storage, Screens, Chips, Organization.

Start with the best - Aaple, Ebay, Yahoo, Google - they will be buying the best of breed in this land grab. Keep an eye on the trends. Buy weakness, buy amounts that you won't get scared out after 25-20 percent drops. Thos are bound to happen based on the current multiples.


Two great places to keep up to date with what is hot in Web 2.0

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