January 06, 2006

If we could get bought by one Company.....

The winner is Yahoo. Second place Google. Third place Ebay

With today's launch of www.golfnow.com, we get one step closer to global tee time donination (LOL).

It is fun to dream. I like the sound of Yahoo Golf, just barely over Google Golf. Ebay is a distant third. I just think the course owners won't like having their tee times seen on Ebay. Obviously, they are wrong or they would be making money, but you can't bite the hand of the one that feed's you (or something like that).

Back to the real world. What an awesome job by the crew at Cypress Golf for getting us this far. It is nice to be involved in a business where sellers and buyers are happy. I think it is just a matter of time. Every day we get closer. When one of these three come to their senses it will be a happy day. Sellers and buyers will be real happy!!!!!

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