January 17, 2006

The Ipod war?

More proof that it is over comes from a missive I read in www.crossingwallstreet.com:

Recently, I ordered a new laptop from Dell (DELL). A few days later, a small brown box arrived. I thought "man, these laptops are getting tiny." Then I was terrified that there might be "some assembly required." Let’s just say that outside of gin and tonic, I don’t assemble well.

Turns out, it was a free Dell iPod which I got as part of the order. The laptop came the next day.

Just to show you the power of the Apple (AAPL) brand, I don’t even know what the Dell electronic musical device machine is called. Me? I’m calling it my Dell iPod. I think "iPod" is now the generic name as well as a brand name. As the proud owner of many shares of Dell, I have to concede that this thing is the hydrox of the industry.

Well yesterday, the UPS (UPS) guy shows up and gives me another small brown box. Lucky day! I rip it open (like I’m 12) and Ameritrade (AMTD) sent me a video iPod!

How cool is that? In no time, I went from being an iPodless American to having two iPods. Both un-frickin-expected!! I’m now a multiPod! A wePod?

So, the way I seee it is the hardware war is lost on any new players. It is now a download war and that war will get tougher and deeper. I still see Apple as the winner as no other company in the race can be trusted yet. There will be lot's oh hype though.

In the meantime, open an Ameritrade account if you want an IPOD!

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