January 15, 2006

Lojack revisited - you will soon need it to protect your gold coins.

Earnings coming and they should be smoking. Stock is thin and is for the faint of heart, but the Company has been building momentum with great leadership for three years. The installed police just makes me a believer and a buyer on strength and weakness.

GPS is not a real threat unless you want to track the car and thieves yourself. I would prefer a cop.

I think they need a better distribution model, one I plan to present to them shortly but they are a name that will have much to say in asset protection. Perfect acquisition for many companies - even after they quadruple from here. Stock could be had for 3 bucks a few years ago and after a close near 29 a few weeks back, Business Week thought it may be tme to article their rising revenues. Nice journalis, AGAIN.

To be fair, they could be early, just a little late for my liking.

Motorcycles, Cellular tracking, freight tracking and deeper Lojack penetration.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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