January 10, 2006


Prett good stuff again from Mr. Job's. I was hoping for a plasma, hdtv launch and did not get one.

No discussion of the Mac Mini as well so I was wrong about a further low price computer.

Actually, nothing prepared me for the products launched today.

The key is the Intel duo processor chip and the Rosetta software that will allow the Mac's to run in a more efficent way than ever - Microsoft office. It is going to really help the Mac's grow market share over the next 24 months.

The new Iife software package upgrade is inexpensive and awesome. Through GarageBand you can now create podcasts. Most importantly, for bloggers like me, they introduced IWeb. IWeb is all the tools necessary to build and maintain a website and blog in a much more professional and in depth way than the competition. Should get a lot of buzz about this in the blogger world.

Again - as others try to catch Itunes and Ipod they will be chasing Apple's tail who do not need any more innovation there. Instead. The focus for Apple this year will be a heavy marketing blitz of the new Mac pc's powered by Intel processors.

We got to see the first commercial and it was absolutely hilarious and will create a major buzz.

With 135 stores now doing 1 billion in annualized sales, they have the distribution power to push these great Mac's in an aggressive way.

Stock should continue to trek much higher as they sell high priced, very useful, powerful Mac's to the new Ipod users.

Rosetta, if it works as advertised is a major killer application combined with the Intel chip.

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