January 10, 2006

New ILife - can't wait to dive in - especially IWeb

Just back from San Francisco. Catching the end of the Sun's game - double overtime.

Thinking at length about the Apple product announcements and in my opinion, they nailed it again. They control the key flash supplies and have three perfect Ipod models. They have some time to focus on the LongTail effect of the Ipod phenomenon.

Getting consumers to switch to Mac's, getting families working on cool home projects together and with their new Microsoft Office push, get all small businesses to use Mac's.

In these three categories, there is no reason not to switch this year. I think it would be bad for business if you don't. The reason why is blogging. All families, individual's and small businesses should be blogging. For individuals and families it can be fun, cathartic and educational. Plus, it is a daily diary and time capsule. For a small business it can help build trust in your product/service, thereby increasing sales

ILife helps you do all this. It is $79 and free on the new computer. Don't wait another minute.

Holy smoke - another TRIPLE overtime.

I am hoping to try the blogging software out tomorrow if I can get it at the Biltmore store.

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