January 04, 2006

Off to Vegas for CES

The Computer Electronics show in Vegas is always a great place for gadget people like myself. This year, I expect to see GPS as the buzz items. I love GPS. I don't use it yet, but I know it is getting cheaper and easier to use and it will find a way into my life this year. It just makes sense.

I love the Lojack story and will check out Garmin, Sirf Tedchnologies and the rest of the GPS products on display.

Nobody is going to touch Apple, but Sony is showing some signs of strength and I look forward to seeing what kind of buzz is happening at their booth.

Nobody touches Apple. Nobody. I was at the store today and with their design, pricing and distribution on the new Ipod video, it would suck to work for a Company trying to compete. The race is over.

SanDisk is the only other story I like, because of flash. Flash is for real. I did notice lot's of recent activity in the hard drive market and boring Seagate and Maxtor and Western Digital are all on the rise.

Although Flash is ineveitable, for now, storing all those big TV and movie files, requires the hard drive stuff. Anyways, in the end, all component suppliers and manufacturers will burn you as they lose a key customer. Stick with the guys like Apple and Sony and even Microsoft who control the component guys. You sleep better.

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