January 31, 2006

State of the Union

I didn't watch, but that doesnt mean I was not thinking of the State of The Union.

Here is what I am thinking-

Alternative Energy - gone but not forgotten. I am buying BLDP tomorrow.

Alaska - drill and drill some more and when you are finished - lay some pipe! Dennis Miller says and I agree - build an Alaska theme hotel in Vegas!

Greenpeace - same guys who did wedgies in high school - they are killing all of us.

Clinton, Bush - both putz's

Hilary - should just do interviews for Bryant Gumbel on real Sports

Wasted spending - stop already - We need border control, health care subsidies for everyone, and real rewards for proper education across the nation, more expensive weapons (seriously).

Cuts - Space program, subsidies for bad businesses.

Revenue - legalize marijuana already - except for Nate newton. He is just an idiot.

Airlines - pleeeease! I should get paid to fly America West, US Air and United - not them.

Be Careful - protectionist policies

By the way - Exxon earned 40 billion this quarter. wowoooowhhhhhhowwwww!!!!! Oil is not a bubble for fuc(&&_&_&(&((&&+((+)&kkk sakes.

Alternative energy stocks will bubble before oil stocks do.

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