January 12, 2006

Stop talking about how Apple will blow it

As a follower and believer, I am constantly bombarded with doubts about the closed system of Apple - yadadyadayada

Here is another reason to disregard the noise -

"While Apple shipped a record-breaking 14 million iPods during the holiday quarter, they weren’t the only ones to benefit from the device’s popularity. iPod accessory makers also had a tremendous holiday season, according to one tech analyst. Richard Doherty of the Envisioneering Group estimates that $1 billion worth of iPod accessories were sold during the recent holiday quarter. “It’s the iPod economy,” Doherty said. “And Steve Jobs is the Alan Greenspan of that iPod economy.”

Two years ago, Business 2.0 was talking about the Ipod accessory market (Ipod economy) being a $50 million market. Oops!

How about a $4billion annualized market going forward.

If Apple buys google or viceversa - the game as we know it is over. Just get it over with.

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