January 08, 2006

Thinking disruptively and outside the box

Great advice below from Canadian VC Rick Segal:

Google and the Movies

With all the speculation on Google buying this or building that or offering it, let’s add something fun.


Google buys up a few movie houses and changes nothing except the following:

If you want to come to the movie for free, show up 20 minutes ahead of time and be seated. So, called it 30 minutes ahead of time, buy some corn, pop, candy, etc, and plop your butt into the chair for 20 minutes of, well duh, ads. But fun ads, promos for TV/Shows, TechTV stuff showing new products, all fun, interesting all Google style. Don’t want to show up or wander in after the full 20 minutes starts, just buy a ticket.

Hmmm, but you don’t need Google for this, couldn’t the existing theater owner(s) do this? Couldn’t they, for ten bux, have a Star Wars Marathon day? Couldn’t they have, giant super bowl screens up with guys going up and down the aisles with pop corn peanuts, candy, etc?

Don’t tear down this idea, I just made it up to make the larger point about thinking in a disruptive manner when you start thinking about doing that next cool/great thing.

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