January 18, 2006

Too bad nobody reads me

This post from my blog on January 11th turns out to be a real Nostradamos looking forecast:

Maybe a switch out of tech is due?

Apple is up 10 bucks in 2 days, Google heading to $2,000 and even Microsoft rallying.

Maybe it's time to switch out of tech.

Meanwhile, nobody is talking about oil these days. I think I like those stocks better until the plus $60 price per gallon becomes front page news again. It should be!

Lot's of oil stocks breaking out again and they are not in a price war (just benefitting from one) and territory war like Yahoo, Google, Appple, Microsoft, Dell and the other tech behemoths.

Tech stocks shouldn't be this easy to own.

If I could do this all the time that would be awesome - oh and back it up with real money too!

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