February 05, 2006

"Addicted to Oil"

I knew I would not miss anything from The State of the Union Address.

George Jr. - Talk about stating the obvious. Worse still, the obvious is not really a problem if you believe in a growing economy. It is what makes an economy grow in the first place. The Iraqi's and Palestinian's are not addicted to oil. Lucky them! We are not addicted to oil, we are addicted to freedom and commerce - you putz. Millions of hardworking Americans commute hundreds of miles a day to help feed their families. Corporate America has made monumnetal strides with e-commerce and other technology to help employees work at or closer to home. Wait until videoconferencing becomes mainstream!. What is your plan? How about a different stance on environmental policies. For 30 years, the country has cowtowed (is that a word) to the likes of Greenpeace. Maybe we are finally seeing the great effects of this. No new refineries as oil hits $70/barrel. Good news though - we saved a spotted owl. How about YOUR plan!

Your government gives tax breaks to cars over 2,000 pounds. Sounds like you work for Procter and Gamble and don't really care about our "addiction". How about a tax break for Hybrids and Honda Element drivers - like me! How about a tax break if your third home is less than 20,000 square feet! Way like me.

Fat people are addicted to Lay's chips - yet Proctor and Gamble does not complain about a shortage of corn syrup and a shortage of Elestra. They just make more toilet paper and bigger bags. Works for me.

Useless soundbites from what has become a useless ceremony. What a shame.

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