February 08, 2006

The Eyeball Fantasy of Web 2.0

Exsquuueeeze me but do I really want the twisted eyeballs (screwballs) of Yahoo message board (Yahoo's) and Myspace freaks. Let me give you an example of the fine people that have the time to post at the Yahoo stock message boards in the post bubble era of 2006 - United States, Earth?

Re: ALL I SEE IS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BOO Y
by: coronajp44
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 02/08/06 08:15 pm
Msg: 111079 of 111084


Now this is some good old fashioned research. Cramer style! Tonight I missed the Akamai earning's announcement. I own Akamai. I think they are the shizzle. Occassionally, like tonight after earning's - I like to see what others are saying, get a feel for the call maybe that I could not listen too. I get to see this crap.

It reminds me that the old internet eyeball (screwball) bonanza is generally a load of CRAP. Transactions and gross margins. Scalable businesses that don't just rely on advertising. Good old fashioned data gathering from real customers. Not the data that Yahoo is gathering from this buffoon. This whole Web 2.0 hype could be ripe for some serious decompression.

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