February 07, 2006

GM and CNBC - shit squared - again!

It's like these two companies want to be airlines:). A new low in reporting and money management today on CNBC for all to witness.

I was watching some retard on CNBC - I know (I am a putz for watching!) - who manages the North Carolina pension fund going on and on about how they own a piece of every stock in the American exchange. He gets paid?!!! Do we not have monkeys or lab rats to do the same thing and send this guy to IRAN. Anyways, he is talking about how they are being patient in GM because that is what they do and yada yada yada. Actually, he did not really even know that much about GM - even though thanks to his management, the trusting pensioners of North Carolina have lost a few billion in this beauty of a security while he has owned it. And it may be a pretty worthless common stock (hy but he owns the bonds as well). Pretty sickening interview.

Putz of the week for sure, maybe the month.

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