February 04, 2006

Postage on the Internet - a tax on legitimate businesses!!!

The is the tax that few people saw coming. Especially those running internet businesses focused on delivering discounts and services by email.

The government has failed us here. It seems simple to me. Tax and prosecute the senders of spam. If Google can create search, the government can track spam. Period!! It goes back to the topic of gambling. It is stupid to legislate it, but smart to punish and tax email and spam offenders and those that allow minors to participate.

AOL and Goodmail teaming up to charge for postage is a joke. Those that can afford to pay, are the very same companies I don't want to hear from in the first place. I hope I misunderatnd what is going on here, but from what I am reading, I will be receiving CERTIFIED SPAM if it is up to AOL.

A risky gambit for AOL if and when they follow through. I hope they rot for this idea, along with the people that promise to enlarge my penis.

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