February 10, 2006

XMSR over Sirius - part two

In the past, although I don't own either stock, I have written that the XMSR is better managed and their business is much healthier than Sirius.

Yesterday, they proved it again.

Let's assume that money is no object (it is of course)

Sirius (losing badly) signs Howard Stern to a 5 year $500 million contract and hands him a couple hundred million in performance targets for his first batch of subscribers. There were only 12 million free listeners (I recollect).

Yesterday, XMSR signs OPRAH and FRIENDS (Dr. Phil vs Pot smoking Jackie the Joke man reject) for a three year $55 million run. 49 million television users (posssibly hearing promos for xmsr Oprah every day), new XMSR demographic, female and men driving alone and not scared to listen to King Oprah and 19 years at number 1.

Which company cut a better deal. My 6 year old Max picks XMSR.

I hope their stock keeps falling. It is actually getting nteresting to me. If they finally give me a show, I am buying some shares.

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