March 23, 2006

Ambien, sweet sweet Ambien!

Who are these Ambien "eaters". This sounds like a crock of shit. I know - I am addicted. I fart, I fall asleep on the phone, I send cryptic blackberry emails as I doze off. I have been stung by a scorpion while in an Ambien sleep. I have never eaten!

Where do these reporters get this crap.

I have taken Ambien for 6 years. Addictive, yes - Harmful - NO (so far). I am the same weight, I sleep great, I have NO hangover, my dosage is the same as when I started.

Nobody is sleepwalking and eating. NOBODY! I talk about Ambien everyday. I hear people say they are scared to start or that it did not work for them.

I dont like being addicted to anything (the crack period was a little fun), but I need to sleep. I love sleep.

If you drive a car after you take one, you are an asshole. I know, I have done it. It is a funny story for a later date because I did not hurt anybody, but I would never do it again!

The good news - it looks like I finally have an excuse for sleeping with strangers! Look out Ambien if I get caught. You are liable. :)

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