March 24, 2006

Apple - feel the negativity

I should be glad to see Apple in the 50's. A few months ago I said that I wished for it.

Now it's here so I need to have a plan. It is hard to buy weakness, even a stock that has been good to you.

This stock will come back because they own MP3 and digital music.

.Mac is big. BIG!

Apple retail is BIG. REAL REAL BIG.

Biggest of all is yet to come. The switch to Mac Computers in a big way. I am no industry expert I just know that once you try, you are done. It's over. The worries of using two systems goes away. It is like the files you worry about in your garage and hold on to thinking you will need them. You don't.

Once the Mac goes tablet it is probably really over.

So, I am sure it will be bumpy and I guess I am waiting for the MISS. They are due. That would be the big entry and the GIFT.

Maybe the worry of the miss is all we get so you have to nibble here in some fashion.

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