March 27, 2006

Comments - Thanks AND Tim Horton's

Thanks for all the comments and questions and help for my linking question.

I guess there are a lot of people who read Fred Wilson's cool blog, besides me.

One question was regarding Wendy's being a buy as it still owns 20 percent of Tim Horton's.

It depends on your strategy and money management as always. I have mentioned before that I am a trend follower and prefer to buy all-time highs. I will be posting a research paper link from my friends at Blackstar on the project. From this model, Wendy's has been a buy from the early 40's and the stop would be a close below $56.06 - changing daily. That is just one model and method and I will be happy to refer people to the good fellows at Blacjstar for more on that strategy.

Other than a few trends that I believe in (an d buy on weakness to a point) - Shipping, shrinking world, information technology (voice recognition, internet etc..), GPS, Apple, RIMM, Commodities I do not have time to really review stocks other than through the Blackstar model. I will hopefully have linkbacks soon to all my fave ideas and topics for readers.

In hindsight, Wendy's has been in favor and on a lot of buy lists for the last 20 points, well before the actual IPO.

Just coming back from Vegas, I believe in Fat America and therefore donuts are a buy! :)

I have played golf at the founder - Ron Joyce's - course in PEI and to be sure, he has done well. Rides on his yacht and a private jet runway for his guests were some of the treats I enjoyed. It is a Canadian insy=titution for sure and as Cramer likes to say - a big REGIONAL (Canada is less of a market than California) to National play. OY - I just quoted Cramer.

Today for example, I am sure the Blackstar fund will add CLZR and TXCO MDG and other metal stocks again - wow - if not added this morning as well as other new all-time highs. In the end, buying and selling stocks will work with a good, even simple, money management strategy.

It is the comments that are most important for this blog to gather direction and ideas. Kepp them coming vi email or in the comment section.

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