March 13, 2006

Drug Stocks - Interpret the News

I don't bottom fish anymore. Not enough money and if you like to bottom fish, go with Buffet as he is the best.

That said, an interesting Drug buy in Germany. I like drugs. I take them everyday:

Anxiety - check
Flinstone Vitamins and Fruity Pebbles - Sugar Fix - checkeroo
Ambien - major check
Cholesterol - important but off them
Viagra - matter of time!

The merger could be another sign that a bottom is at hand for drug stocks. They are hated, rates are rising, they are generally safe in a bad market, and the litigators have never had it so easy.

I will look into PPH - the drug stock ETF tomorrow. Chart looks horrible so not for me, but for you readers that like trying to pick bottoms, it may be worth fishing.

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