March 27, 2006

Enjoying one of those rare good months

Sometimes you just get hot.

Gold, Oil, GPS, alternative energy (BLDP), NUAN in voice, Japan, Malaysia, RIMM, GOOG...

The dogs - Apple, Lojack

The market spoke a few weeks back and the upside has been big for my stocks. No idea if it continues but my stops are moving higher and I have taken some profits.

Lately I have been in some Ballard (BLDP) long running fuel cell play (likely a Scam). A real smart friend owns it and alternative energy sounds pretty hip. Good enough for this idiot! A better play may be the alternative energy ETF - PBW - recently public and an owner of many alternative energy stocks. I read about it in a Motley Fool newsletter - which by the way - is a great read for the fringe - aggressive moodset of the market. From my gauge - froth seems high.

In the major dog watch department continnues to sit the old Nasdaq leaders (except Qualcomm) and Time Warner. ROOOOF ROOOOF on Time Warner. This is the one that just baffles me. Just do something already so I can remove it from my screen.

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