March 05, 2006

Google - the perfect brand - SO FAR!

Smart investors will tell you to avoid investing in headlines, even do the opposite.

Google offers the perfect example. The media hates them, their competition hates them, the government now hates them (the tricky one). Guess what though? The customer loves them. They are the perfect brand - so far.

When Microsoft was king of the hill (stock performance), customers lived to complain. What is the worst thing you can say about Google. It works. They probably don't need an 800 number.

As an internet site operator, I am not fond of adsense. I think it works for Google for sure. I have seen our commission checks and I think they will never cover the cost of the blocking you will need to do keeping competitors from attacking your site with text ads. I have said it before, it pisses me off! Combined with bad economics and you have a potential problem.

When investing, it pays to buy great brands on sale. For those idiots wasting all their energy shorting Google stock and writing about their inevitable slip-ups, use weakness as an opportunity to buy as the institutions and big money are doing.

Nike, Apple, Fedex, Yahoo and Google - brands worth buying on sale.

The less moving parts the better would be my rule number two.

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