March 27, 2006

Honda vs. GM

You tell me.

Pull up the charts. HMC and GM. My email subscribers know that I was bullish on Japan a year ago and Honda was one of the plays I was recommending. Today, Honda is hitting all-time highs.

GM, like much of the United States, has been sold offshore and it will likely get worse before and if can get better. It probably won't get better, because the product SUCKS. Plain and simple.

I just sold my Honda Element for a Honda Pilot. I love my Honda's. My wife drives a Pilot as well. I just drive too much with the kids to keep driving the smaller Element.

The problems are GM specific as they are for Ford and Northern Telecom, Lucent, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, America WORST (US HAIR). The car business has never been BETTER if you are Honda or Toyota.

Hard to believe that GM (and Ford) can suck that badly in a bull market for cars and with the money supply so out of control. Wait till you see some real tightening. New Nasdaq symbol for Ford and GM when they merge - ZERO.

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