March 16, 2006

Intel - Bow wow!!! Part DEUX

Intel may be the poster boy for all that is really wrong with the option giveaway for large corporations as we move to a global environment. It may also just be a case of global tech companies.

Let's say you have worked at Intel since 1997 - the stock today is the same price. You are 9 years in and pretty much screwed if you have not been carefully excersising and selling options. This is the finest chipmaker....yada blah.... Big deal to anyone less than a 12 year veteran.

Now the 12 year veterans are leaving, to run the spinoffs from around the globe and the newbies have headhunters and are thinking of starting their own business (at least their is upside). Oh yeah, and the start-ups are being created on Intel time. The ol' triple LINDY!

In a global marketplace I have to assume that Intel won't be able to compete at it's size for the talent it needs across al the semiconductor markets they are battling.

This will not end well. This is where private equity vultures will feast. Look for major Intel spinoffs as the stock price lags and major defections of talent if it does not do so quickly. Or a flatliner stock.

I expect CNBC and your local stockbroker to pitching this hard to you over the next few months. Turn off the TV and Hang up (after you fire him of course)!

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