March 16, 2006

Intel - Bow wow - Part Three

I blog - who does'nt. My mom may blog - why not? Another outlet to complain where nobody listens!

What does this have to do with Intel - a chip company? A few days ago their venture arm - Intel ventures, invested in Six Apart a blogging SOFTWARE company. Ugh!

What the f^$^%(ck does Intel need a venture department. If I was a shareholder, I would be buying them for their dominance in semiconductors not their venture arm. If I want a public venture company I could buy the biggest doggggg CMGI. Another reason why AMD is kicking Intel's ass.

This lack of corporate focus is one of the real ugly leftovers from the bubble and the fact that they have not spun this venture department off first, is a further reason for the crappy stock action.

Maybe they should buy Frito Lay next - are'nt they a chip company? Talk about a company that's management has become Putz's.

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