March 05, 2006

My biggest investment mistake - The Lindzon - "Cliff Claven" award

I have always focused on the actual investing mistakes I have made. As I get older and wiser (yet to be proven but I am optimistic), the real lesson is to try and put your mistakes behind you and focus on the next opportunity.

With that in mind, my biggest mistake is not an error of commission, but one of ommission (non commission).

I was late to one of the great trends of all time - hard assets rule! Especially those of the limited variety.

I was smart enough to move to the Arizona desert 20 years ago. I went to school in Tempe, Arizona (oh my god the growth today is staggering), more school in the outskirt city of Glendale (I forgive myself of this one) and have worked in the heart of the city for nearly 20 years (I am such a putz!)

I liked the desert, the sun, the total quality of life. I knew this when I was 12, the first time I came. So why have I not invested every penny in the dirt of this great state. I mean talk about the whopper of all mistakes.

Trust your instinct. I hope my children read this blog someday in case I forget to teach them this one great rule. Use your senses - your eyes, your ears and your intuition. Block the noise when everybody yells overboard!. There is always a deal to be had, even in the middle of a "bubble".

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