March 27, 2006

Pseudo Venture - burgeoning community

Although I read the venture blogs incessantly, I am no venture capitalist. I have had my share of disasters, but what I try and do by reading the blogs is learn how the best think. It helps.

I am also a reader of the web 2.0 stuff - and etc...

My Space's rage in valuation is coming from community.

I am so excited about the community we are creating at

We have started organizing tournaments for our users in Phoenix, Tuscon, Sacramento and San Francisco. They have all sold out and we are getting to know who our customer really is and what they care about - golf and value and convenience. The win/win for course and consumers is evidenced by our 99 percent course retention rate (no contract) and over 900 public courses on the network.

We are trying all the fancy community features like Craigslist, (the coolest) and but I still think it comes down to transactions for a long-term model and we keep proving it out day by day, round by round, transaction by transaction.

I would love to hear other ideas for creating a community - go check out and let me know.

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