March 30, 2006

Silver - The New Bling Bling?

Not one post after I quote Mr. Degraaf of Lehman Brother's do I need to quote him again.

He remembers the last time he pounded the table - I was correct - it was silver.

It was 2003. It is amazing that I remembered, because he just made such a compelling POUND THE TABLE - CALL:

"Silver at $5.40 is the best chart we have ever seen on an ax-ante basis (without the benefit of future knowledge). It is a career maker - though we are not sure what that means."

Unlike me, he never is full of himself so this self love is rare.

More importantly though - he goes on to say that many others are now bullish, so I interpret that as I posted in my "hogs get slaughtered" post from last night.

He loves the trend and remains long-term bulllish.

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