March 26, 2006

Someone please explain how to do links

I want to stop cutting and pasting - I have spent an hour trying to learn how to put a link to an article or website of interest within a post. I am having no success. Someone please tell me how!

Howard, the same thing puzzled me for quite a long time when I started blogging. As someone with no HTML skills at all, and I presume you have the same level of skill, I'll have a go at trying to guide you through it. At least we'll be talking at the same level.

I use typepad for my blog, not blogger like you, so there may be some differences, but I'll wager not too many.

I presume when you want to write a new post you click on a button "create new post" or something like that.

That should open a new blog post editing window.

let's say you're writing a blog post about cow poetry. You write, "How now brown cow." You decide that you want to link to a picture of a cow. Open a separate internet browser window, and go find a picture of a cow on the internet you can link to without busting copyright.

With the picture of the cow open, copy the internet address for that picture by using right click-copy on your mouse. (The address you want to copy is in the address bar, usually at the top of the page. You probably know that.)

Now decide which word or words in your post you want to have as the hotlink (i.e. the ones which will usually appear in blue colour in the final post.) Let's say you decide upon the word "cow".

Highlight just the word "cow" using left-click on your mouse.

Now look up at your blog post editing window's toolbar (usually just above where your keyboard written words are appearing on screen). Look for a little button that looks link a CHAIN LINK, or 3 tiny chain links joined together. If you can find that (hovering the cursor that button should bring up a "insert link" signage. Then left-button click on that.

A new window should open that says something like "Script prompt, enter URL:" and an address bar appears below. In my case, that address bar already has "http://" in it and it is already highlighted. You now use your mouse to right-click and paste the address of the cow picture into that space.

In this most recently opened window, there should also be an "OK" button. Click that.

When you look down you will see that the word "cow" in the blog post text you are writing will appear in blue colour, and probably underlined too.

Now, complete your blog post and publish the post as a test. Open a new window to your blog, go to the post you have just written, and click on the link at the word "cow". See if it goes where you want. If so, great, you are a genius.

If it doesn't link to the picture of a cow, then you are just like me the first time I was using this stuff. Remember back when you first clicked on the "insert link" button that looked like a chain? Did "http://" or something like that appear already in the URL address window? If so, think about the URL address of the cow picture. When you copied it, it probably already had "http:" at the start of the address. Maybe now the internet link behind the word "cow" has 2 http at the start. To avoid this, I always delete the "http://" before I paste the link address.

Now, that's taken a long time to explain in writing. This is one case where it is so much easier to have someone show you how to do it at the computer while you are looking over their shoulder.

Come over to Sydney, Australia, and I'll show you how it's done.
Just a link in a post?

<a href="URL FROM ADDRESS BAR"> Text of link</a>

so <a href=>Putz or Yutz</a> becomes .
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