March 06, 2006

Stand-Up Comedy - GUTS or INSANE?

I have a soft spot of stand-up comics. As a failed one, I know it is the hardest career. You are basically a screwed up person, so you are behind from the start.

I love to see comics kill. Loved it when I was 10 and heard Gary Shandling make me almost pee with laughter on his Johnny Carson debut. Loved it tonight watching Letterman.

It's the feeling I get when watching Tiger Woods even though he never bombs.

I have BOMBED, really BOMBED. My best friends and mother were witnesses along with 300 other people for my biggest and last bomb. You never forget that stuff. Ever. Thankfully I forget the jokes (generous use of the word). I don't forget that the next few comics just killed (probably Mike Myers and Jim Carey) - making fun of ME!!!!

I just saw this Frank Caliendo kill it on Letterman. You rarely kill it on Letterman. Love that. He's a MadTV cast member which I could quickly look up thanks to a wireless home and Google (Note to self - buy Google weakness). I guess Mad TV needs to be watched. Hope some old episodes are on iTunes:)!

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