March 06, 2006

Tiger Defends Doral - Yawn!

It is hard to watch golf when Tiger is in the lead. There is no drama. If there is, I don't want it because I root for Tiger. As I have said previously, rarely have I rooted for the favorite, until Tiger. I hope he wins every tournament. he is the only one that seems to care - EVERY WEEK!

By the way, it is time for Johnny Miller to eat some crow. His book on golf a little while back declared Tiger peaked during his one career slump. He said that all the golf so early meant he had peaked professionally at a younger age than most. WRONG!

I like Johnny as an announcer. Otherwise - what a shameless sellout.

I saw him doing those Ford commercials (with those clown's Penn and Teller) with his requisite Callaway logo's everywhere. Pleeeease! Talk about a guy who really needs to look at his own image before criticizing anyone - let alone Tiger. He looks like a fat Callaway logo himself.

Anyways, Tiger rules. I hope there is never another slump or that someone comes along with the same positive energy as him.

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