March 20, 2006

Vegas Baby

The apocalypse is upon us. My wife agreed to spend part of the FAMILY vacation in Las Vegas. Next to passing on real estate in Phoenix and Scottsdale when I moved to the southwest 17 years ago, but I passed on Vegas as well. About 6 years ago, I expected the earth to open up and devour the city and called it a bubble bigger than the Nasdaq. Woops, better yet - Putz! For about a year after 9/11 I looked right but the smart money was buying.

Back to the vacation. As the water pured into the tub this morning, my 7 year old son was just chirping about this being the most rocking place, his favorite place ever. Ringing bells, Circus Circus, Mystere, room service, 20th story room, lights, action, treat stores full of candy......and those are just my new favorite things. He is digging the chicks!

I have grown to be bored of this place coming endlessly for one nighters of 40 year old birthdays and busy tradeshows. I do not gamble anymore and hate crowds. A loser.

But for a once in a while family vacation - especially 6-10 year olds - can't wait to come back! I have seen it in a new light.

This place has Disney hands down beaten for FAMILY fun.

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