March 02, 2006

What if.....

...China really is a bubble

...Rates head higher

...Gilligan and the SKIPper were gay lovers

...The web and Google were UNDERvalued

...Peak Oil Theory is a crock of shittttt

...There was a parallel universe with lots more land (the only real stretch here)

The point here is that I notice the following:

Rates are still drifting higher

Fiscal policy sucks

Gold is flying and the Canadian dollar is 12 cents from PAR

Bush is starting to really look like a dangerous, tired freak and Saturday Night Live could not write comedy this good on a daily basis

Shanghai skyscrapers by the hundreds are being built WITHOUT tenants

Real Estate developers and oil speculators are starting to get cocky and drink their own kool-aid (6 star hotels!!!!)

It may be time to rethink the obvious. I am.

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