March 06, 2006

Why TV is dead dead dead dead dead dead

I like it as backgorund noise only if not watching sports or Letterman.

I love Apple, it is well chronicled. Apple is a hardware company. They are not a music company. Yet, they kicked every music media company in the ASS and they do it in their spare time. TV is next.

Arctic Monkey's is a new band from Liverpool. You can get totally immersed in the band and never pay the labels a dime. Talk about a wake up call. Too bad the music companies push snooze every time they get one.

Get ready for video. Apple, Google (terrible), YouTube and programming like rocketboom. I have talked about the genius of video blog www.rocketboom. Their 200,000 daily audience is created with a tiny tiny miniscule fraction of what a network spends to get a 200,000 audience for a show. Oh - and I can watch it whenever I want - FREEEEEEE - NO COMMERCIALS TOOOOOO has some great writing on the subject. Add to for stocks and for contemporary look at new internet companies (fluffy but fun) for venture capital.

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