April 18, 2006

Alternative Energy -Sweet!

Last week I mentioned a group of alternative energy plays I owned including PEIX (ethanol) and BLDP, and ACPW.

"April 7
Alternative Energy
They do look good in today's ugly market. Active and Ballard are the risky equivalents of buying biotechs in research.
My List:
ACPW, BLDP, PBW, ENER, ADM (ethanol), PEIX (ethanol)
Disclosure - long acpw, bldp, ener."


I did not expect to be booking half the profits so fast but each are up 20 plus percent.

Speculation, as I was doing, is lucky when it works out so I have to ring up some profits. With Oil at $70 plus and the the terror premium here to stay - the media will never report the real facts - alternative energy people (including some big scammers) will have their speculative day in the sun.

These speculations can stop as fast as they start which is why I take profits. My heart is not in these alternative energy stocks because they have little revenue and large losses.

Ethanol is another story altogether and has some real businesses involved.

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