April 27, 2006

Apple to buy RIMM (Blackberry)?

I love speculating about dream mergers. Mergers that I would like to see.

I have thought for a long while that Apple would be the target of a hostile takeover. They are the only hardware company executing. Steve Job's is getting older and was willing to sell Pixar. His brush with cancer has reminded him of his mortality. might as well rule the world - FASTER!

Now that the Blackberry patent lawsuit is settled and hopefully overturned, RIMM needs to be bought - who better than Apple.

I was reading this post from Steve Rubel's "Micropersuasion" blog tonight and saw this link to the "BerryCast" .

I agree with Steve that this is a winner for Blackberry over the iPod.

Apple has the best design for a music player. Blackberry has the design for mobile mail.

Together they can create an iPhone or just leave the products alone and dominate without an iPhone.

Although the Blackberry design for the phone is not perfect, blutooth and wireless headset design will render answering the phone the "old fashioned way" - old fashioned!
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