April 06, 2006

Applerrific - but a vulnerability looms

Nice move again in Apple up 4. Not to be a hog, I sold half my position that I purchased in the 50's last week.

Now I want the miss. They just keep delivering though.

I made my first Appple product purchase in months this weekend. The black video iPod. It is sleek. I even bought a cover to protect this one.

I really waited on this but could wait no more. By christmas, this product will be MASSIVE. It is sneaking up on the market. If they figure out the YouTube model it will get crazy for them in the youth market. If they don't, someone could steal the hardware bsuiness with a cool product. The teens will switch. They have no allegiance.

I think this is a vulnerability in the Video iPod and Apple that needs attention - right now.

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