April 27, 2006

The awful TREND in Financial Media.

Lou Reed was the "original rapper" . James Cramer was once the "original financial blogger".

Today I was listening to some classic Lou Reed. Wow - his sweet lyrics and music hold the test of time.

Jim Cramer - Wow - has his writing deteriorated. Did aliens invade his soul?

Today, Jim Cramer talks about stocks as if they were trading cards . This is what sells to the "public" these days. It is so transparent. It is awful.

Look at the ungodly Fidelity ad in the middle of this rant to buy and sell stocks. "TRY OUR MARGIN ACCOUNT AT 5.5 PERCENT."

Why not just say - click here to GAMBLE without going offshore !

He should be ashamed of himself. I thought he was about the little guy. I have not checked in on his site much the last few years and as suspected, it has become another Times Square billboard.

He is pandering to his advertisers (Fidelity) by recommending his readers buy and sell on such wonderful ideas as "springtime", and "short squeezes". Fidelity and other brokerage firms are the only ones who make money off this. He has basically created a "column" for a Fidelity ad. Read at it again now that you have read this paragraph.

Although most bloggers don't ever expect to make money - they remain pure. Cramer started out this way. God help me if I sell out as readers come my way.

Note to Jim Cramer - you ran out of things to say in 1999!

If you read the people of my blogroll on a consistent basis - not only will you become a better investor, you will save money on commissions and much anxiety. Most important, you will enjoy without being bombarded with ads.

Blogging - inning one! Big Media - bottom of the ninth and chaos in the clubhouse!

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