April 23, 2006

The AWFUL TREND in Pharmaceuticals

If you look at a five year chart of the PPH - the Pharmaceutical Holder - you would not need to have read a newspaper about all the trials and tribulations for Drug companies the last five years. Once darlings now poison.

Standing in front of this trend is suicide. To bet against it and catch a bottom would require inside information, luck, or a bet for a strong change in the way our leaders attack the industry demanding change. The problem with a bet against the trend is that the leadership changes could be even worse ( (FDA must now approve marijuana) )!

Some ideas were posted today by Fred Wilson . Outside the box thinking is what Fred and America are good at.

We need leadership, patience and sacrifice to get new ideas put in place. Most important may be the way mainstream media is allowed to report "the news". I think we have the patience and are willing to sacrifice as a nation. We need to be asked by our leaders and than shown that they have the fortitude to put the changes in place. Based on the trend in our government and the FDA - - we are f**@ed on that front for now. I am more skeptical of the media as they try almost everything to hang on to ratings and prey upon the weakest thinkers.

I can afford my drugs. I think my drugs help me. I would be willing to talk about the side effects of Ambien (let's just start with this one drug for now as someone might actually be reading this). For the last 6 years, I think Ambien has saved me from the horror of insomnia. Seems like the company (Sanofy - Aventis) is not interested in asking me, nor the media interested in talking to the millions of people the drug helped, before reporting their overeating fright story. As I have posted ad nauseum, the media is allowed to run with the hysterical side of the Ambien story. That is what America remembers as they head to the drug store.

Now that I get my news from blogs and people I trust, I get the hysteria filtered out and the soundbites I hear on CNN, FOX and CNBC at my gym actually start sounding like the Comedy Channel. Life is difficult , but easier if you don't watch news.

A long winded way of saying that Pharmaceutical companies are quicksand for now.

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