April 05, 2006

Big Day for our trends

1. Apple - "Boot Camp" is a new Apple software release the blogging world has screamed for. They may not have a blogger like Microsoft, but they LISTEN to the blogging world. As usual, Microsoft will ignore and say that they will sell more software. Probably. Apple just keeps chipping away like Rocky did at DRAGO. We know how that ended.

2. You Tube is big and raising lot's of money. Today they announced another raise of $8 million from Sequoia. They are burning $2million a month according to some sources. It was one of my predictions for 2006 that this would be a big deal. It is red hot, but at that burn rate will not make it alone. Sequoia will get out of this one.

3. GPS - Lojack was mentioned in Letterman's monologue and Honda announces that Google earth will be part of next generation GPS systems in japan.

PS - Robert Wuhl was never funny. He will never be. He is really hard to look at for that matter. He has another show on HBO. How the f^%%%)&)ck does this happen. It sucks. Arliss sucked as well. It is the "Barney Miller" of cable. Hal Linden was never funny either. HBO has another loser. The good news is that it looks like it was cheap to produce.

PSS - I forgot - in my dismissal of HBO - about Entourage. I love this show. Every character is great. Still not enough meat on the network right now.

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