April 06, 2006

Big Moves Today

Biotechs - It could be directly correlated to rising rates and a flight to quality but the Biotechs are slumping as an index. This has been a winning trend for 3 plus years that is now close to stopping out on the systems I use. It would be a blow to the high PE momentum guys.

Probably just noise, but RIMM is down big after hours. The stock has not acted as well as the product. Personally, the new models do not work for me at all. That could be a big problem as I would consider a switch if my only choice was one of the new keyboards. They feel light and cheap - but I know some people (feminine hands) - that like them. I am not proud and will take a loss here soon if I have to. I have given this one a wide berth because it is volatile and my position size is small.

Next, the dead satellite radio kids - XMSR and SIRI have spiked a little. I know people that love satellite, but I have short drives and it has never appealed to me. Again, if they wrapped it in my Cox cable bill with high speed and telephone, I would probably try it. I missed the whole craze because I never really got the experience and will just watch this trend from the sidelines. It has been some wild rides for these two stocks.

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